Friday, March 16, 2012

Youtube SRT Downloader 1.0 (UPDATED)

Youtube Subtitle Downloader has been Updated. Please report errors if you find any.
  1. Fixed a bug with comments being too long
  2. GUI updated. Toolbar Added.
DOWNLOAD (RapidShare)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Youtube Subtitle Downloader

Youtube SRT Downloader is a free software that let's you download SRT subtitles files from Youtube videos. The Youtube video must have a closed caption file assigned to it in order to convert the Youtube subtitle format to the SubRip (.SRT) format.


  1. Enter youtube link and click Search.
  2. Right click or doubleclick on one o more items.
  3. Click the download Button.
  4. Files will be saved on the output folder, which can be changed if you press the Change Button.

Download Youtube SRT Downloader
MegaUpload: Zip File and Exe File
RapidShare: Zip File and Exe File