Friday, March 16, 2012

Youtube SRT Downloader 1.0 (UPDATED)

Youtube Subtitle Downloader has been Updated. Please report errors if you find any.
  1. Fixed a bug with comments being too long
  2. GUI updated. Toolbar Added.
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  1. Hi! This is an awesome program, thanks so much!
    I have a request: I'm working on a project to download the youtube subs of all the educational videos on so that they can be used in schools for offline viewing. I have the youtube URL of every video. But there's 3553 of them and I can't possibly do this one by one on your program. Could you show me how to do this in batch mode? Need just the english subs for now. I can work on windows as well as linux. So a command line way would also work wonders. Please let me know if you can help.. nikhil.js [at]

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  3. I seeking downloader subtitle but cc subtitle recognized from audio

  4. I have entered link but it doesn't showing on that video even i have on the subtitles through cc option in youtube.

  5. i have done with all the steps but, when i checked the srtdownloader file, there are no the srt file, what should i do then?

  6. it doesn't find the subtitle although the cc is available, please do sth about this
    if it's necessary I can give u the link of the YouTube video

  7. HI good programm. And can you make a bulk url upload please

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